Leaked! Palm Beach Confidential November Edition

When you mention the words Palm Beach Research Group to any trader their eyes light up. Once a month this research firm gives information on cryptocurrency coins that have extremely high potential making each coin go up at least 4 times (4x) in value sometimes as much as time times in value. A gain of 400%. It has happened in September with NEO from $12 to $56, making us profit of $23,000. Again in October with Zencash from $8 to $29 making us profit of again $27,000. And now we have their pick for November and it’s called Storj coin. A decentralized proof of storage currency that has huge potential. This coin and application is a competitor of dropbox and already has 15.8 petabytes of storage space in use.

We are leaking this information to you about which coins will be in the newsletter on the third Thursday of November the 16th. We previously leaked this information on November 2nd thinking that the newsletter comes out at that time and over 10 million dollars went into this coin. Since we had to remove the story because we didn’t want it getting too much publicity and ruining their actual information we took that new story down.

Teeka Tiwaris’ research firm has over 20 analysts who scrutinize coins that is why so many people follow them and when they speak hundreds of thousands of people listen.

Just look at when we previously wrote the news but took the story down on November 2nd:

The newsletter gets distributed to 350,000 people across the world over 50 million dollars gets put into cryptocurrency coins because of their picks every month and we are releasing the name of one of them for the third Thursday of the month Storj Coin. A decentralized proof of storage coin that Teeka will tell his followers to buy up to 53 cents USD.

We are sure that by releasing this information you will have to buy up to $0.70 usd or 11,000 satoshi’s. However this will be one of the coins in the newsletter and will go to $2 per coin.

There are people who constantly try to predict what this research firms pics will be for the next month and we have the information clear on the points rating system the coin is Storj. This coincides perfectly with their town hall meeting they want to have with the community on November 21st. As well as their native currency storjx being traded in for storj, the volume in market cap on strj will double by November 20th. You can literally see this coin going to a dollar 1.40 per coin right from the start.

We will release more information on other coins as it becomes available to us.